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RedSTART gives the UK’s most disadvantaged children a headstart on their financial futures.

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Our aim

Our aim is to provide financial education to transform the life chances of young people across the country. We do this in partnership with major financial institutions, local businesses and over 600 volunteers in five key locations across the UK.

Getting a headstart means starting early. Through seven years of primary school, we foster and track pupils’ development, running programmes and providing resources for teachers and parents. We teach children progressively, building on their previous years’ knowledge.

Why now?

3 major UK trends mean that our work has never been more vital:

Income inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient has risen significantly in a generation.

The responsibility for financial security is shifting from the state to the individual. This covers many aspects of life from education, to health, to pension provision.

Financial Literacy

Levels of financial literacy in the UK are low and falling. An awareness of debt, saving and investments needs to begin in primary school.

The COVID-19 crisis has only widened the gap between those with the resources and time to support their children’s education at home – and those without.

And with 25% of children as young as 6 more anxious about money because of the pandemic1…unguided decisions made early on can often lead to issues spiralling later, so that
of indebted adults also face mental health problems2
but with 77%
of children believing financial knowledge will help them when they’re older1

together, we can help…

1 YouGov survey June 2021 on behalf of The Centre for Financial Capability. 2 Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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As financial literacy levels fall, income inequality rises, and a growing expectation for self provision causes a host of other issues, our work has never been more urgent.

We couldn't do it without you. Help us give the next generation a head start with their financial future.

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