Why become a RedSTART school?

In this blog, Kristina explains how we work with schools and how you can get involved.

Here at RedSTART, our mission of giving 1 million young people confidence in handling their money is at the core of everything we do. The schools we work with are a fundamental part of our journey towards accomplishing this mission.

One of the ways that schools can get involved is via enrolling their pupils in the face-to-face delivery of our financial material. RedSTART’s recent focus on digital development means that, in addition to face-to-face delivery, schools now have the option to access our financial education resources and workshop training online. This approach provides an excellent opportunity for schools to train their teachers to deliver the workshops themselves.

We offer two workshops, depending on the age of the pupils. Our Money Matters workshop is an interactive, game-based session aimed at 8-12 year-olds. While our Moneyssentials workshop, on the other hand, is geared towards children aged 12 and above.

This blog describes how we work with schools and how other schools, like yours, can get involved.

What do you need to run a RedSTART workshop?

  • Have staff who are passionate about financial literacy and have the time to add regular RedSTART workshops to their pupils’ curriculum (we ask that our partner schools commit to running at least 6 workshops each academic year).
  • Have a large hall/space to accommodate our workshops.
  • Able to supply the following materials for a workshop: if teaching Money Matters – a white board or a flip chart; a computer to calculate results; if teaching Moneyssentials – a large screen to display the teaching materials.
  • Able to work with us on developing the RedSTART material and the workshops by providing constructive feedback and/or new ideas.
  • We recommend teaching no more than 20-25 pupils at a time.

What are the costs of hosting a RedSTART workshop?

  • The main cost would be the time and effort from your staff/teachers in preparing for and running the day.
  • Financial costs include the price of the Money Matters starter kit of c.£80.
  • Material for Moneyssentials workshops is available online, with no further costs attached.

What if you don’t have the resources to run a workshop yourself?

If you prefer, your pupils can attend a workshop at either our or our partners’ offices instead. This will require:

  • Travelling to our offices in London;
  • Supervising the pupils throughout the day;
  • Lunch will be provided by the host.

What are the benefits to your school from participating in a RedSTART workshop?

The nature of modern society means that young individuals now have greater responsibility over their financial futures than ever before. Recent research conducted by Prudential suggests that as many as 80% of primary school teachers believe that financial education should be on the school curriculum. Apart from introducing some variety into your curriculum, participation in one of our workshops provides an excellent opportunity for your school/teachers to contribute to educating our young generation in financial literacy.

“The kids are loving the sessions, they have come back to school full of enthusiasm and facts.” – Upton Cross Primary School

“The children had a brilliant day! They really learnt a lot about the importance of money and how to use it wisely. The whole experience in the office was very memorable for them too!” – Earlsfield Primary School

“The students really benefitted from the day and rated it as one of the most important and useful masterclasses of the year.” – Luton College

What support do you receive as a school?

  • To begin with, our handbooks and teaching plans as well as our training videos provide a wealth of information on what to expect from our workshops, whether you are looking to bring your pupils along to a workshop in London or train your teachers to deliver the workshops themselves.
  • We liaise with our partners on your behalf to ensure that the workshops/logistics are arranged in line with your needs/requirements.
  • If you would like your teachers to run our workshops independently, we provide either conference calls or face-to-face training sessions on all our material, in addition to all of the resources that are already available online.
  • If your school is not based in London, we are open to have a dialogue with you on how to get your school involved. We have a number of partners who are based outside of London and therefore there is a possibility to find a local partner to teach our sessions at their offices. Alternatively, we provide a lot of support in helping schools to familiarise with and adopt our financial material for independent teaching.

If you would like to learn more or want to become a RedSTART school, please contact [email protected]

Kristina is Head of our Schools Team.


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