Money Week 1 learning activity

Top 7 reasons that your pupils should be doing RedSTART’s Money Week 1 this term!

Money Week 1 learning activity

1. It targets children just as they start to form their Money habits!

RedSTART offers  a new  Covid-secure Money Week  activity for 7-11-year olds to begin to develop their Money habits.  Why is this important? Research by Cambridge University suggested that most children begin to form their money habits at the age of 7.  So in fact  RedSTART ‘s resource is targeting the perfect age group to ensure habits that are formed are realistic and beneficial to the pupils in future life.

2. Covid-19 has seen financial education (for children) become more important than ever.

To clarify, RedSTART  are realistic and accept that some groups are affected more than others by the pandemic. We want to help address this imbalance by ensuring younger generations have the knowledge and tools they need to reach greater financial security. The fact is unemployment has hit the highest level for four years, while millions more workers have been placed on furlough.  Younger workers are bearing the brunt of the jobs’ crisis inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Low-paid staff, and workers from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have also suffered a disproportionate impact, stoking fears that a lasting legacy of the crisis will be to entrench inequalities.   By providing our resources for free we can ensure all children receive financial education which can help them build a brighter future.

3. RedSTART Money Week 1 is an ‘off-the -shelf’ solution

In fact it’s the perfect solution for busy teachers to ensure their pupils can begin to learn about, and take control of their future financial security.

4. It’s FREE!

As an independent financial education charity RedSTART believes all children should receive financial education no matter what their circumstances or where they live.

5. Family challenge

At RedSTART we know we need to get your pupils’ parents on board too if we want to effect meaningful change.  Research shows us that generally speaking most financial habits are learnt at home or amongst our peers. In fact Parents and carers play a crucial role in preparing children to manage their money well as adults and there are direct links between what parents do and their children’s financial behaviour. RedSTART’s family challenge helps start that dialogue between parents, carers and children, in the home.

6. The pupils and teachers love it!

“The children went from a place of not really knowing about salaries and budgeting to knowing. They felt empowered by their new knowledge. Children enjoyed the content of the assembly. The games allowed the session to be more interactive for the children and led them to have discussions and make links with their own lives.”

7. It is FUN!

At RedSTART we want your pupils to enjoy learning about financial education through play and fun!  By making our resources interactive and game-based means that the important messages about finance will be more memorable and sticky!

If you’d like your school to take part in RedSTART’s Money Week, 1 please contact the team on [email protected]




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