RedSTART launches online learning portal for teachers and students

Last week we celebrated gaining our charitable status at a launch event and expanded our offering by launching a learning portal for primary and secondary schoolchildren and teachers.

This new hub will provide ready-made lesson plans and training resources for both primary and secondary school age groups. The materials, which are free to access, combine interactive games with more traditional knowledge sessions, giving a balance between fun and practical learning.

This is part of our commitment to improving financial literacy and to teach children how to budget, save, invest and give back. Our core principle is creating accessible financial education materials and collaborating with partners worldwide to give one million young people confidence in handling their money.

Despite financial education being a formal part of the UK’s national curriculum in secondary school, only 40% of 7-17 year olds say they’ve received financial education in school. Research from the Money Advice Trust has also shown the 1.8 million young people are falling into financial difficultly by adulthood.

We have been working with schools across the UK since 2012 to deliver face-to-face educational workshops. Expanding this to an online offering will allow unprecedented numbers of students and teachers to access financial lessons outside of the classroom. This is part of our commitment over the next two years to partner with more schools across the UK and allow teachers to deliver financial education directly to students.

Upton Cross Primary School took part in several of RedSTART’s Money Matters workshops earlier this year. Charlotte Moore, Deputy Head Teacher at the school, said: “Initiatives such as this are vital if we’re going to improve financial education among young people. It was so inspiring to see that the children didn’t just sit back and listen but actively participated and applied their knowledge to different tasks.”

RedSTART Co-founder, Jonathan Letham said: “Financial literacy among adults in the UK is low and an obvious way to combat this is by starting financial education at an early age, equipping school children with the basic skills they need to effectively manage their money.

“We’ve had amazing feedback on our interactive learning days but now we want to do more. We know that we can reach more children by giving teachers the skills to deliver education straight to the classroom and our new online portal is a great way to achieve that. We’re passionate about partnering with more schools across the UK to help students engage with financial education, but also to make sure that they have fun while they’re doing it.”



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