RedSTART’s guest author, Robin Claessens, tells us about the huge challenge he is taking on to achieve better education. 

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

I will be flying on the 6th of April to Morocco, where I will take part in the 33rd edition of the Marathon de Sables. This is a 250km race run in self-sufficiency mode over 6 days in the Sahara Desert (155 miles or 6 marathons). I will have no support, save what I can carry.

Why am I doing this? 

To raise awareness about how education is a means to reach long-term and sustainable autonomy.

The two objectives are to promote financial education and to bring electricity into the classroom.

I am privileged to be supported by RedSTART, a financial education charity, and Save Your Acorns’ author Rob Gardner for the financial education objective. As well as BBOXX, which provides affordable and clean energy to off-network communities.

For every marathon completed, Rob Gardner will donate a box of 40 Save Your Acorns books to a school of my choice and BBOXX Congo will be electrifying one classroom of the Kivu International School.

Picture this: over 200 children in Congo will have electricity in their classrooms and 240 children will receive a book on financial education –  seriously worth running for!

There are three fun ways you can help:

1. Post a classroom selfie!

Ask your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews…to ask their teacher to post a selfie on I Run, You Post, We Support Education or on the Facebook page.

Let’s give a voice to our children! Let’s make noise, create a buzz! Let’s tell the decision-makers how important education is for us. The more selfie’s there are, the more likely they are to act!


2. Like!

Support BBOXX and Save Your Acorns by liking their pages – BBOXX / Save Your Acorns

3. Teach or Partner!

Support RedSTART by offering to teach financial education or involve your organisations with RedSTART and leverage their network to push education further.

I am running…will you be posting, liking or teaching?