How would you like to become a RedSTART Partner?

In this blog, Matt explains how we work with partners and how you can get involved.

With RedSTART’s goal of helping 1 million young people to budget, save and give back by 2025, the team here at RedSTART have our work cut out. Our strategic partners therefore play a vital part in helping us achieve this goal.

One of our largest group of partners are the ones teaching face-to-face with students using our financial education material. This blog explains how we work with these partners and how other organisations can get involved.

What is needed from you to host a RedSTART workshop?

  • Have sufficient staff who would be interested and have the time to learn and teach RedSTART workshops on a regular basis (we ask that our partners commit to doing at least 4 workshops each an academic year).
    • For Moneyssential workshops (aimed at children 12 years and above) we recommend 2 volunteers per 45 minute session, leading to a total of 8 volunteers for the day.
    • For Money Matters workshops (aimed at 8-12 year old students) we recommend at least 3 volunteers per 1.5 hour session (although the workshop can accommodate 8 volunteers helping out), leading to a total of 6 volunteers for the day.
  • Have a large enough meeting room/space to accommodate 20-24 people (which includes a class of 16-20 students along with a teacher and 2-3 volunteers). The space should also have a white board or flip chart and if teaching the Moneyssential workshop, have a large screen available to display the teaching materials.
  • Able to provide constructive feedback on the RedSTART material and the workshops in generally.
  • Whilst not specifically required, we would highly recommend having a local school in mind for you to reach out to to see if they would like to attend a RedSTART workshop.

What are the costs of hosting a RedSTART workshop?

  • The main cost would be the time and effort from your volunteers, as well as the time needed to organise the day.
  • Financial costs include organising lunch for the students as well as the cost of the Money Matters starter kit of c.£80 (Moneyssential material is all online, therefore we provide this for free).

What are the benefits to your organisation for hosting a RedSTART workshop?

  • Besides your employees feeling rewarded from teaching a workshop to students, it also provides an opportunity for your employees (especially junior employees) to practice their presenting skills in a safe environment.

The students were engaged through out and clearly enjoyed the final session, some of the ideas were pretty far-fetched but it was good to see their imaginations working overtime. I think this type of education for young people is really important and I may be in a better situation if I had a similar exposure when I was younger. Everybody who delivered the sessions, myself included, thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it rewarding. – BlackRock

What support do you receive as a partner?

  • We provide either 1 to 2 hour conference calls or face-to-face training sessions on all RedSTART material, including how best we think you should teach them to the students.
  • There is a wealth of information provided in the handbooks for each workshop, as well as a training video on how to teach Money Matters.
  • If your organisation does not have a school in mind, we work closely with a few schools around London and we would be more than happy to arrange for a class to attend your office for a RedSTART workshop.

If you would like to learn more or want to become a partner of RedSTART, please contact [email protected]

Matt is Head of our Face-to-Face Team.

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