Global Money Week 2018

This week (12 – 18 March 2018) is Global Money Week (GMW), an annual campaign built to inspire young people to learn about money, livelihoods and entrepreneurship – much like our work here at RedSTART. It’s the 7th year that the initiative has been running, and this year’s theme is Money Matters Matter. 

Money Matters Matter because children and youth need to receive the knowledge and develop skills to make smart financial decisions throughout life.

GMW’s goal is to economically empower today’s youth, teaching them the importance of saving and equipping them with the necessary skills for employment. By targeting young people, GMW hopes that this will create a wave of knowledge that will expand across their families and local communities.

With 137 countries and 23,738 organisations participating in the initiative this year, there’s no excuse not to get involved! You can support GMW by participating in the following activities:

  • GMW Selfie Challenge
  • GMW Money Box Challenge
  • GMW Video Challenge

But GMW isn’t just about raising awareness for one week, their website is full of teaching materials and resources that you can use all year round to help spark excitement around financial education. You can download all supporting materials here. 






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