Our programme - RedSTART

Our programme

RedSTART provides continuous primary education with interactive, fun learning experiences for children from ages 4-11 years old, delivered through schools.

All our workshops and school-based activities are followed by a family challenge: fun, interactive learning opportunities to discuss and complete at home. These are complemented by an app which rewards students for completing mental maths challenges, allowing them to accrue interest on their rewards and spend the tokens earned in a real-world environment. We are also currently designing activities to be run by community partners local to the primary school, such as sports groups.

Our content

Our content covers the recommended objectives from the Young Enterprise Financial Education Framework, and were fully accredited in April 2022.

Through play-based games, children learn about the real-world consequences of:


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c.14,000 pupils

Reception & Years 1 & 2

The ‘Save Your Acorns’ childen’s book, by Robert Gardner, forms the basis of our activities for our youngest children.

Our Money Minis® programme builds on the lessons learnt in Reception/P1 and consists of a workshop and classroom based activites.

These are designed to support children in learning the key financial concepts of ‘Earn It, Save It and Grow It’.

Years 3&4

“Money Risers®” builds on the financial foundations that children have developed from Years 1 and 2/P2 and 3, and entails:

Play-based games and practical activities that allow children to experience earning, saving and budgeting money for themselves

Engaging discussions, in which we support the children to know how to prioritise financial needs and wants.

Years 5&6

“Money Counts®” is the final stage of our whole school financial education programme. In it, we develop the understanding the children have gained from the previous years, focusing on earning, saving and growing. Children will be looking in more depth at:

Influences on our saving and spending
Value for money
Emotional links to money

Proving our impact

Each year we measure the positive impact of our content on pupils’ financial knowledge, skills and attitudes, through research with an independent academic partner.

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How you can help

As financial literacy levels fall, income inequality rises, and a growing expectation for self provision causes a host of other issues, our work has never been more urgent.

We couldn't do it without you. Help us give the next generation a head start with their financial future.

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