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Sarah Marks

Interim CEO

Sarah is currently acting as RedSTART’s interim CEO. Previously, she undertook the role of the RedSTART Development Director, when she was responsible for developing our case for support and fundraising strategy. Sarah has over 20 years experience leading client service teams in the finance sector.

Sheila Rush

Operations Manager

Sheila started with RedSTART in May 2019 and was very excited by the prospect of being able to help 1 million children gain confidence in handling their money. She is responsible for RedSTART’s finance, information systems, policies, compliance and legal. She worked as a teacher and careers adviser before moving into operational management.

Claire Fraser-Lim

Education Engagement Manager

Claire is responsible for the delivery and development of a variety of partnerships with schools and community networks. She is supporting a number of exciting network development projects, including developing regional hubs to ensure high quality financial education for schools in the area. She is also developing partnerships with community groups and local authorities as well as delivering leadership and strategy for our volunteer network.

Gina Richards

Programme Development and Delivery Manager

Gina is RedSTART’s Bristol-based Programme Development and Delivery Manager. She works alongside Katie and Lucy to create the content of the financial education programme, as well as leading the delivery within Bristol and supporting the development of a Bristol Hub. She was previously a Primary School Teacher, with 10 years of experience working with children from Reception to Year 6.

Lucy Dowling

Programme Development and Delivery Manager

Lucy joined RedSTART in September 2021, following four years of primary teaching. As part of the Programme Development team, Lucy creates high-quality financial education resources, aiming to give children the tools to take control of their financial futures. Lucy is also supporting with the development of RedSTART’s London hub, using her London primary school network.

Katie Burles

Senior Education Consultant

Katie is RedSTART’s Senior Education Consultant, supporting our programme development, distribution and impact assessment. She was previously Assistant Headteacher of a large primary school in Newham. She is an early years specialist.

Katie is passionate about equal opportunities and ensuring that every child should achieve their potential. Katie is committed to financial education for young people and became a Redstart Trustee in 2016. She has been very involved in implementing the Redstart programmes across her school and educational trust.


Rhodri Mason

Chair of Trustees

Rhodri joined the RedSTART Board of Trustees in 2018 and is currently Chief of Staff at Legal & General Investment Management. He strongly believes in equality of opportunity for all, and knows that giving all children a firm foundation in financial education from an early age is an important step to achieving this goal.

Robert Gardner

Co-Founder and Trustee Board Member

In 2012 Rob Gardner co-founded RedSTART. His goal is to transform the lives of 100 million people by making them financially secure. What if we all have healthier, sustainable money attitudes, decisions and behaviours? This is why he wrote the childrens book “Save Your Acorns”. He also chairs the Children’s Savings Policy Council. His aim is to ensure all children in the UK can live the financial life they aspire to.

Freddie Ewer

Co-Founder and Trustee Board Member

Freddie is a Co-Founder of RedSTART. Freddie believes passionately in the importance of teaching young people financial skills and helping them build good financial habits from a young age. Freddie’s involvement in financial education began as a student volunteer at Durham University, setting up a chapter of Moneythink within the Durham Entrepreneurs society.

Jonny Letham

Co-Founder and Trustee Board Member

Jonny Co-Founded RedSTART in 2012. He has always believed in the importance of education to promote social mobility. Having joined the financial industry in 2011, starting RedSTART with Rob and Freddie was a great opportunity to engage with the school community and teach young people essential money skills.

Jonny now sits on the Trustee Board and has a focus on developing the digital delivery of RedSTART.

Karen Jaeggi

Trustee Board Member

Karen is a serving Headteacher with many years’ experience working with schools causing concern. She is also an accredited National Leader of Education and an experienced Ofsted Inspector.

Two years after Karen joined Worcesters School in North London it was graded outstanding and this achievement was recognised through the school being part of the Government’s Parliamentary review in 2016.

Karen introduced financial education into the Worecesters’ curriculum and the school now run Money Matters Weeks once a term. Money Matters weeks have been instrumental in developing the pupils’ life experiences and skills in addition to enhancing their mathematical abilities.

Adam Jones

Trustee Board Member

Adam’s parents were teachers and he has always been passionate about financial education and generating better outcomes for children regardless of their socioeconomic background. He joined RedSTART in 2018 and has been integral to guiding the team on all digital matters. Adam is the Chief Technology Officer for Redington and has a career which covers both finance and technology roles.

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